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Last year when I was planting my garden, primarily the plants with small seeds the only thing I could do was spread them as thinly as possible.  An application of one at a time was impossible.  This type of seeding resulted in over crowding in most areas and very thin applications in other areas.  I didn't think there would be any other way except the the expensive Seed Tapes.

When I found this YouTube video on making my own Seed Tapes I was excited and gave it a try. I took pictures while I was doing this project so you could see a written step by step.  The video is excellent for showing you the exact process.


  1. Cut off strips of toilet paper in manageable strips, video show 4 feet, I cut mine at 1 yard (3 feet). 
    Paper or paper towel can also be used instead of toilet paper.  Anything that will biodegrade preferable without perfumes or dyes.
  2. Then cut each strip into 2 inch wide strips.
  3. Mix equal amounts of flour to water - 50 flour 50 water
  4. Place each strip next to your ruler to help with spacial marking and drop a small amount of glue mixture at predetermined intervals.  I spaced lettuce and spinach seeds at 3 inch intervals and radish and carrot seeds at 2 inch intervals.
  1. 5. Using something to pick up each seed.  Place each seed in the dab of glue.  I dumped the seed packet onto a ceramic plate. I used the piece of paper I had cut off from the top of the seeds. Wet the end of that paper and touched the seed on the plate and then into the glue.  The wet paper end hold the seed until the glue kinda grabs it off the end of the point of paper.
6.  The gently fold the paper over of top of the glue and seeds.

It seals itself with a gentle touch.

Then gently pick up the strip and lay it out to dry.

7.  Once they are dry they are ready to install.  I rolled my around an empty paper towel roll, put that inside a plastic grocery bag, tied it and put in back in my frig to keep the seeds fresh  to await planting.

From one Lettuce package (1 gram) I made 70 seed tapes at an average of 12 plants per take which will make about 840 plants. 

To plant the seed tapes make a shallow furrow, add the tape and cover with a very small about of soil.  Just enough to cover up the tape.  Lettuce, radishes, carrots and spinach only need to have a 1/4 cover at the absolute most.
I will be trying my tape soon and will let you know if it results in a more controlled spacing.  Without this method I was pulling the greater majority of my plants to "weed" out and make space between plants.  It seemed like such a waste.

This should be a great indoor project for kids.

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