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My research in the Brix method of gardening was educational and enlightening but as far as I can tell the methods have not reached the affordable stage for the back yard gardener. 

The pivotal point ie: difference between the "old" style organic gardening and the "no till" method discussed in Organic Transitions seems to be the low acid test.  I have not discovered an inexpensive method for the 'low acid test' so that is my reason for saying it is not affordable.

 It could be said instead that it is not something the average back yard gardener is going to perform because it requires sending a specimen of your garden soil off to a specialist and waiting for the results.  When the results arrive a recommendation is made on the additive(s) necessary to bring your soil into correct 'acid balance'.  It goes without saying that the recommendations are to purchase products that can only be acquired through the mail...thus expensive for your average person that generally won't even spend the time to take a sample to the Local Extension office for between $5.00-$10.00.

The Brix method is still a good one and an average back yard gardener can learn a lot about the quality of their products and eventually I am sure there will be the "backyard solution" .  Soil test kits are readily available and PH meters/strips are available so I am sure a 'low acid' test designed for your average gardener will
be available soon.

What an average person can do is measure their brix level to get an idea how their vegetables are doing
with a refractometer, shown at the right and the use soils test, PH tests etc to gauge how they are doing, .

Brix Gardening in a nut shell:
The following is an excerpt from High Brix Gardens

 Brix is a term popularized by Carey Reams. When used on plant sap it is primarily a measure of the carbohydrate level (sugar) in plant juices. The instrument used to obtain a brix reading is the refractometer.

High Brix Foods Have Greater Carbohydrate Levels

Carbohydrates are the fuel the body uses for basic metabolic function. This has tremendous implications on digestion and human health. This is covered more fully in Food Quality & Digestion.

High Brix Foods Have Greater Mineral Density

One of the health rules that Dr. Carey Reams taught was that:
"All disease is the result of a mineral deficiency."
This rule clearly shows why it is so important to eat foods with high mineral density. One of the most important nutrients that increases with high brix readings is calcium. According to Dr. Reams calcium levels in produce rise and fall proportionately with the brix levels.

High Brix Foods Taste Better

High Brix Plants Are Insect And Disease Resistant

Reams says "Insects and disease are the symptoms of a failing crop, not the cause of it. It’s not the overpowering invader we must fear but the weakened condition of the victim."

Animals Instinctively Prefer High Brix Foods

Animals have a greater sense of instinct than does mankind. Production agriculture has found that it takes twice as many acres of genetically modified cornstalks to get the same amount of weight gain on cattle as compared to conventional non-GMO corn varieties. OUCH..that right there is a reason to stay away from GMO!
In conclusion Brix has become the gold standard to measure plant quality.Ream goes on to say
"The use of (pesticide) sprays is an act of desperation in a dying agriculture."

To read the full article go to: High Brix Gardens 

  I use the refractometer to measure my vegetables and so far the vegetable are good but far from excellent.  I will be trying harder.

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