Monday, May 30, 2011


In the April article Companion Planting several site were given with lists of companion planting guides.  Although these guides suggested chive as a good companion plant for tomatoes I did not want my chive(perennial) in the main garden so I would have to dig up later.  I am going to try substituting onion around my tomatoes instead.

 I am planting onion sets close to the bottom of my tomato cages.  The tomatoes(caged) should not shade my onions much and close to the bottom of the cages will prevent me from stepping on them.  When the tomatoes are fully grown, getting close to the bottom of the cages is not necessary for picking and the onions should be ready to pull about the time the tomatoes are done producing.  I will also be planting marigolds with the tomatoes as well.

onion sets, blunt end(root) in ground, pointed end up
Onions sets are "set" into the ground about 1 inch deep and about 2 to 3 inches apart.  If you are trying to achieve the large fall onions as I am I will set my plants about 3 inches apart.

See the HOW TO PLANT ONION SETS for an illustration of planting.

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