Friday, April 1, 2011

Making Organic Soil for Your Organic Garden

The organic gardening website 
is a good source for learning how to make and use Organic material.

A compost pile can be created at any time of the year, added to through out the year and the materials produced by your compost pile are all the fertilizer you will need to create that perfect garden.

This video series   
is a good one for learning how to create a compost pile, what ingredients you can use for creating a compost pile, and the essential necessity for turning and constantly aerating your compost pile.


Table scraps like
Banana peels
Egg shells
The outside leaves of lettuce, cabbage etc.
Broccoli or cauliflower stems(not good for worm beds)
Potato peels
Any vegetable or fruit peelings or leavings after trimming
Grass trimmings
Wood chips
Shredded paper
Wood ash
Charcoal ash

Compost ingredients ideally should be shredded or chopped up in pieces.

Compost layers need to be layered with soil, one layer compost ingredients, one layer dirt.  Ideally the compost needs to be aerated about once a week.   Use a potato fork to lift the ingredients and turn.  If your compost seems dry add water.  Compost should be moist, not sopping wet but moist.

Compost will take at least 2 months before you start seeing the dark soil filled with the organic microorganisms, but it is never too late to start your compost.

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